The Alberta Junior Forest Wardens Association is pleased to announce…

National Camp 2014, July 13-19, Meadow Lake Provinical Park

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National Camp Instructor Invitation 2014

National Camp Instructor Registration Form 2014

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Junior Forest Wardens and their families from all across Canada will be coming to Saskatchewan to take part in National Campout 2014! As we celebrate 84 years of JFW, we will gather for an exciting week of educational program sessions, entertainment, fun and fellowship at the beautiful Meadow Lake Provincial Park, surrounded by the boreal forest at the height of summer.

We look forward to welcoming back families from previous National Camps, and to meet and introduce newer members attending their very first! If you are a Junior Forest Warden, or will be in the fall, Meadow Lake in July is the place you’ll want to be!


The list of instructors will be inspiring, and the sessions offered will be something to behold! There will be literally hundreds of sessions to choose from, with a focus on ages six to adult, and programming areas for the very youngest children to play while parents can attend their own session! It will be a full family event, with truly many things for everyone to enjoy.

Just to name a few, we will see sessions on:

Archery, drumming, mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, knife making, native crafts, cooking, primitive tools, drum making, wood carving, animal tracking, shelters, first aid, survival skills and much more!  

Stay tuned to the website for information on the week-long schedule and list of programs, and how to pre-register online for sessions!

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Your National Camp Committee Chairpersons

Camp Chair - Roger Madaire

Site - Tony Vandenberg

Fundraising - Al Wardale

Finance - Lisa Patrick

Registration - Dawn Friesen

Communications - Leigh-Ann Butler

Program - Lisa Patrick

Entertainment - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

First Aid - Brittney Walroth, Kirsten Wahlfeldt

Security - Jacquie Hromyk

Ad Hardware - Karen Oloske, Shannon Lirondelle

Catering - Arlene Walroth

Craft Tent - Pat Wood

Twiggy Tent - Merry Brotherston

Silent Auction - Susie Nieder

Legacy Project -This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Read more about each committee’s responsibilities and the many opportunities for YOU to be involved in planning this Camp

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How YOU can be involved!

Starting now…

  • Find instructors to teach sessions (perhaps teach one yourself!)

  • Help locate sources of funding (contact Al Wardale for pointers)

  • Contact the Committee to find out more ways of helping

  • Above all, MAKE SURE YOUR CLUB MEMBERS ARE PLANNING TO ATTEND!  This is WAY too good an event to miss!  

At Camp

  • Help with setup in the days before camp, and tear-down on the Saturday & Sunday after camp. These are HUGE undertakings and we need lots of willing hands
  • Sign up for shifts as: First Aider, Security, Kitchen, Firewood and many other opportunities to help with the daily chores
  • Watch and help! A National Camp depends on hundreds of willing hands doing thousands of tasks, big and small, often on the spur of the moment.

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We want to hear from YOU!

Have you been to other National Camps?  If so, we want to hear your thoughts on how to make this camp the Best Ever!   Is this your first National Camp?  If so, we want to make sure that all your questions are answered and that you have all the information you need to get the most out of this amazing week.  Are you and Adventurer or a Challenger?  We want to hear from our teenagers.

Please take the time to fill out our member feedback forms. (These and other surveys will also be coming soon on MailChimp)

  • Coming soon: Entertainment & evening programming survey 

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Getting your club ready

One of the best things about a National Camp is, you get to know your own club members better, and when Camp is over you go home renewed and strengthened as a club.

Here are some tips on helping your club get the most out of National Camp

  • Get everyone there!

    • Encourage, exhort, inspire and, if necessary, coerce your club members into booking their holidays for July 13-19 and attending National Camp (They will thank you!)

    • Use the photo DVDs and program guides from prior Camps to show them what it’s all about

    • Talk about your own experiences from previous national camps

  • Inform your members about what to expect

    • People who have never been to an event like this are often reluctant to commit to attending.  Once they’ve been to one, though, they’ll never miss another!

    • Make sure that your club members have a good idea of what to expect, what they will need to bring, what the schedule is like, how their ‘creature comfort’ needs will be met, and that they have the answers to any other questions and concerns

  • Plan to collaborate and help each other out

    • This is a great time to bond as a club!  Think beyond your own family and consider cooperating on:

      • meals

      • child care

      • transportation

      • camp comfort and other needs

  • Talk about the sessions, and make sure that everyone - adults included - is signed up for stuff they will truly enjoy

  • Plan something for the Talent Nights

    • Songs, skits, stories, club chants…. it’s fun, and everyone appreciates it!

    • Show off your club’s enthusiasm and creativity!

  • Plan to be hosts at your campfire

    • Be prepared for visits from members of other clubs.  This is a great time to get to know other people, get new ideas, and learn other clubs’ secrets of success!

    • Refreshments, chairs and a comfy, friendly campsite make for lots of visitors!

  • Have a ‘Happy Hour’ before supper each day

    • Gather your club all together, share a refreshment, and let each person talk about their day and show off what they learned

A word from our President

I hope to see you all at the biggest event we organize! Come join our JFW family in Saskatchewan for the first time and help light the fire for Junior Forest Wardens across the country!


Roger Madaire – AJFWA President

National Camp Chair

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