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Jumping Pound Youth long-sleeve 100% cotton t-shirts; white ink on white shirts

Nestled in the Kananaskis off of Highway 68 is Jumping Pound or Man-Up JFW Camp. We have leased the land from SRD and it is a second home for Calgary and Area JFWs. 


The area is named Jumping Pound because it is a First Nations hunting site and a short walk east will take you to the actual cliff area where buffalo would run off of. The buffalo hunt was a key hunting and lifestyle part of the First Nations in the area. 


The Sustainable Resources Department used to use the Man-Up site as a staging home for forest fire fighters. They would go to Man-Up, stay in a cabin and get ready for a helicopter to pick them up to Keep Our Forests Green! You can still see the cleared meadow where the helicopter would land for pick-ups. 


The Jumping Pound Logo was designed by Alumni's Leona Boisselle who is regular caretaker of the camp. It was her brilliant idea to do white ink on white shirts for the kids' shirts so that they can be tye-dyed. The adult shirts have light grey ink on white so you still can do it, or not. It's a craft. It's a shirt. It's a craft AND it's a shirt. Be sure to thank Leona when you see her!!


The kids' shirts are long sleeved as a reminder to dress warmly as the foothills and forests are a touch cooler than an urban setting.  


Look up how to tye-dye with 'Sharpies' and Rubbing Alcohol and take your craftiness into a remote area where you don't need many clean-up supplies. 

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