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Both Wardens and Leaders may wear the Bronze Badge once they have completed the Bronze Badge requirements. One may wear the cloth or metal version. Wardens wear the Bronze Metal and Leaders wear the Silver Metal version.  The Bronze Badge is worn two finger widths above the pocket.  A Leader who was a warden may wear their bronze metal badge.

Earning Your Bronze Badge

You will need to know a few things about Junior Forest Warden to proudly wear your Bronze Badge:

  • History of Junior Forest Wardens
  • Our Motto
  • Our Watchword
  • The Junior Forest Warden Code
  • Our Pledge
  • The Junior Forest Warden Program and Badges
  • The Uniform

Once you have learned these, you will receive the Bronze Badge.


"Keep our Forest Green"


"Watch and Warn"


"As one who believes in the aims of the Junior Forest Wardens, I pledge myself and my services to the appreciation and responsible use of our forests, wildlife, and natural heritages."

The original pledge was composed in the 1940's in order to answer the question of how to put the Junior Forest Warden code into practice day‑by‑day.  In 1987 the current pledge was developed.  It includes a promise to protect and conserve the environment and to help others to be more aware.


"God has given us the earth for our life. It is a great entail.  It belongs as much to those who come after us as to us, and we have no right by anything we do, or neglect to do, to involve them in unnecessary penalties or to deprive them of benefits which are theirs by right."

John Ruskin (1819 - 1900) wrote the above words, which have become our code.  Besides being a conservationist his genius won him acclaim in many fields (economics, literature, history, painting, art, and architecture).  He travelled all over Europe, but it was Switzerland that really excited him. As he grew older, he discovered the clear air and the lakes were being polluted.  He set out to educate people through his books and essays.  He encouraged them to be responsible for what happens to this planet.  It is still very important today that we educate people to appreciate and be responsible for our environment so others can enjoy it for generations to come.

Most Wardens memorise the Code by reciting it as a group at the start of a meeting or event.  It is important that Wardens know what the Code means when learning it.



For a printable version of the Pledge, Code, Watchword and Motto, click here.


History of the Junior Forest Wardens


Charlie Wilkinson started the Junior Forest Wardens in 1930. He worked with the Canadian Forestry Association in British Columbia. Charlie believed that children could teach their families and friends about the dangers of wildfires to forests.

The first group of Junior Forest Wardens planted a Douglas Fir tree in Stanley Park in Vancouver. It was planted in soil collected by wardens from every part of British Columbia. Today, you can see this tree in Vancouver. It is a healthy, growing symbol of Junior Forest Wardens.

At first, only boys were Junior Forest Wardens. In 1944 more than 500 girls became members. Today, JFW clubs have girls and boys as members.

For the full history, click here.

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