Under the provincial Board of Directors, there are a number of committees working independently on initiatives of regional or provincial interest. These committees are a great way to get involved and to contribute as a volunteer in the Junior Forest Warden program.

Working with a group of individuals, you would attend conference calls or in person meetings, research topics, contribute advice or perspective, and help forward the initiative as a member of the team. This is very rewarding work as it normally has a defined completion date when you can enjoy the feeling of a job well done. Some examples of the type of initiatives are:

Jumping Pound Camp Committee – ongoing
JFW Spring Conference and AGM

  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Bylaw Review
  • Operations Manual Review
  • JFW Website design
  • AJFWA Tree Planting program
  • JFW Online Store
  • Club Planting / Mentorship program
  • Fund Development
  • Scholarship
  • Membership Services Committee

To get involved in one of these committees, or to inquire on other ways to contribute, contact:
Roger Madaire

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